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Talk Radio versus PPC, SEO, SEM…

You Can Have All 70 Million, All to Yourself.

BurkhardWorks can deliver 10 to 20 times as many weekly orders as you now get from Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimization.

We run Real People Radio spots featuring your happiest customers on network Talk Radio. You reach up to 70 million affluent, educated adults long before they start KW Shopping the other guys’ websites.

Best of all, your best prospects will rarely if ever hear any competitive corporate commercials on Talk Radio! You can conceivably have all 70 million prospects all to yourself

To give your brand Life After Google
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Your larger, better known competitors will gladly pay millions for your best KeyWords, Alexa bugs, Facebook spyware, and the latest artificial intelligence gizmos.

But in today’s highly charged political climate, their NY Ad Agencies won’t spend a nickel on Rush, Sean, Laura…et al. Or on any of the 1,860 AM/FM stations that air “controversial programming.”

You could conceivably have 60 to 70 million Talk Radio listeners all to yourself every week! But what would you say to people in faraway markets who have never heard of your brand?

In 95% of all radio ads a high powered announcer bludgeons the listeners with a list of client-approved bullet points: facts, prices, deals, ingredients, etc. Wow! Impressive. I guess.

But all purchase decisions are driven by emotions and then rationalized with facts. So lead off with the emotional benefits of Your Thing.”

  Total strangers are far more likely to listen and respond to from-the-gut,
emotional endorsements by your best customers. What problems did you solve for
them? Why do they think Your Thing is the Greatest Thing since sliced gluten-free
multi-grain? What’s your phone or URL?

    A few dozen phone interviews plus careful editing can easily yield three or four
excellent spots. Your message, 
and the beginnings of a consistent Brand Personality,
can quickly break through the Daily Drone of Urgent Announcer Copy – without
wasting tons of money on needless repetition.

     “Yeah, but…How much will Talk Radio cost?” you ask, warily.

Our standard 3-week up front test will usually predict your initial rollout results
fairly accurately. We may need to tweak your home page content to grab Impulse
Shoppers with problem solution copy rather than generic ingredient KWs and low prices.
Before we promote your site to the general public, you should be converting at
least 5% of HPH to Orders.

Your sustaining media budget should stabilize at about 20% of incremental revenue,
which can easily be 10 to 20 times what you’re now squeezing out of PPC, SEO, SEM, etc.

Clone Your Best Customers.

The act of producing Real People Radio commercials is a little like running an extended Focus Group among… (CLONE).

Test, Tweak, Launch.

We always run 3-week tests on network newsfeeds, or a top rated talk show, to measure the critical metrics of… (GMC/X).

Track Everything.

We use Arbitron data, Google Analytics, and TM/CSR phone reports to track the 20 variables that influence… (MCPS).

Who Answers Your Phone?

For openers, I’d like to give your current website a once-over, and then try to order something from whoever answers the main number posted there on your home page.

Email your URL to ( or call me at 407.895.3092. I answer my phone. You?


Scripted and Real People Radio & TV for Dozens of Local and National Advertisers





3.5:1- 4.7:1


10x – 20x



You can call or text me at 407.895.3092, or use the form below to type in a slight longer message.

I’d suggest that you look over the Life After Google page or listen to some Real People Radio first. You may have some questions regarding our methods. They’re quite a bit more advanced than you may have encountered anywhere else.