Who Does the Work at Burkhard Works?


Unlike our gigantically larger competitors, where we all used to work, we have no minions.  Only principals.  Time is money.  We waste as little of either as possible.  You?


Peter Burkhard

Atlanta, GA, is the eponymous founder and a somewhat archetypal copy-contact-media guy.

Thursday Savage

Stratford, CT, manages cash flow and media billing. She has been our Business Manager since 1999.

Mike Scrivens

Rochester, NY, has since 2001, planned and placed all our TV buys through his firm, Marcom Management.


Curt Bush

The Emmy-Award winning sound engineer, whom I’ve known since the late 1970s (!), produces our radio and selfie TV from White Dog Studios in Atlanta.


Peter A Burkhard

I am the 3rd great-grandson of Peter Burkhard, who in 1837 founded Burkhard Copper Kettle in what is now Battery Park, Manhattan.  I grew up in Essex, Mass. where I sailed small boats in the choppy waters of Ipswich Bay – a good preparation for advertising, as it turned out.

After Andover & Yale (BA Chinese Studies, minor in Poker), I counted mail at a DRTV agency on 3rd Avenue in NYC, joined Young & Rubicam on Madison Ave as a junior account-guy-in-training, then jumped to copywriting on Excedrin, Birds Eye, Goodyear, and Eastern Airlines (“We have to earn our wings every day.”)

Judy Wald moved me to McDonald & Little, Atlanta where I bounced Cathy Rigby on a Beautyrest (Addys Best of Show) and helped launch Mello Yello.  Keith Green and I opened Green & Burkhard, swept the Addys twice, won a Gold Clio for Wilsons Jewelers, almost got Bo Ginn elected Governor…and then lost it all when Paul Volker’s Big Squeeze wiped out many of our interest-rate-sensitive clients.  I moved to Mike Sloan in Miami (Ryder, Florida Tourism, Belz…) then filled NCL ships and CIGA hotels as co-CD at Beber Silverstein.

I named and launched Aetna Partners National Health plans for LGFE in Boca/NYC; then ran a staff of 12 as CD, DDB/Needham, DC (Army National Guard, Washington Post, McDonalds…) until Omnicom sold the office to Arnold of Boston.

I got an offer from Gouchenour in Orlando I should have refused, but after a year on Budget and Time Warner I opened BurkhardWorks in 1993.  The idea was to stay national and work directly with decision-makers, eschewing legions of second-guessers who can only say, “No!”.  Hence, DR Radio: National Dynamics, Dice.com, Dinovite… In 2012 the first of three grandsons brought me back to Atlanta.
And here we are.


Thursday Savage

When I landed the Dice.com account I needed a business manager to handle the always complex relations between agency, multiple media companies, and a hierarchy of client contacts in Des Moines and NYC. So I ran an ad and Thursday showed up. She has never really left. (It must have been a great ad!)

This is lady. She grew up as an ex-pat in London, attended the Very Best “public” schools, did covert research for Peter Jennings during the Iran hostage crisis; emigrated to Connecticut; wrote and starred in a one-woman show on Broadway; and somehow ended up in Orlando, where she handled all our billing and cash flow.

When Dice blew itself up briefly, Thursday served as Community & Media Relations Manager for Family Services of Orlando, then moved back to CT to teach theater and music.  She eventually resumed her flawless cash flow management and media relations for BW, and her rave reviews career as a headliner in Community Theater.


Curt Bush

Curt Bush produces all our Real People Radio & TV advertising at White Dog Studios and Guillotine Post here in Atlanta. Curt possess that special magic required to make normal people in a selfie or phone interview look & sound enthusiastic, persuasive and believable.

Curt’s 30-year career as a Clio, Addy, and Emmy award winning sound engineer & producer began at Doppler Studios at about the same time Peter Burkhard opened Green & Burkhard. So we go waaaay back.

His sound engineering credits include a 2017 SE Emmy for the documentary The Legend Lives On: Atlanta’s Fox Theater, Sound supervisor and re-recording mixer for season 1 of the SciFi Channel’s Superstition. He also has numerous ADR credits on series such as Drop Dead Diva (5 seasons), and films such as The Butler, and Still Alice.


Michael Scrivens

Mike is an adjunct professor  of Business Management & Marketing at Rochester Institute of Technology, is a seasoned veteran of the retail/car dealer media wars, and is the founder of Marcom Management in Rochester, NY.  Mike is wired to one of nine CTV interconnects (in Cincy)  which means his :60-:30 cpms on Fox, Disc, Spike, et al rival the rates I get from Premiere, Cumulus, Salem, et al.

Mike is a native of western New York state who got started in radio and TV broadcasting at Ithaca College.  He is also a very funny man.  But he has yet to explain, to me anyway, why he still voluntarily lives  in a world of 10 Below & Lake Effect Snow.